Installation /Video art/ Photo art

Various Dimension, Fargfabriken Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

In  Queen and King , the royals fight over position. This is our inheritance. In the ancients kingdoms of what is today known as Myanmar, the King and Queen had children who inherited the wealth and power of a kingdom. Power was hereditary. Even under the military dictatorship, which ended only in 2015, power was inherited, not given. People did not have the power to choose their place in society. Today we have entered a new era, an era of choice, and therefore an era of greed. Life has changed in contemporary Myanmar. Though we look to the ancient kingdoms with pride and sense of our Burmese selves, we move forward only as only humans can do - fighting each other for titles, education, wealth and power. What really are the differences between countries,races, and continents? We humans live temporary lives, and live in constant struggle,but we pretend that life is everlasting. Because of this illusion of immortality, we live in a world of pride and greed.

© 2017 by Yadanar Win.

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Queen &  King

Performance Photography 137.16x91.44 cm C-Print