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Words  matter


Installation/Different Dimension

Metal badges  & Badge maker machine

The artist posted on her social media, asking her friends through meetings and conversations ....

How will you describe with your own favorite word to current situations of Myanmar?

: Listed are some example comments: (Myanmar)

Transitional / Improvement   / Loading/ Ambiguous/ Change/ Uncertain/Hope/Checking/ Abysses/ Soon/ Appalling/ Struggle/ Social media & more.........

In her installation, Yadanar asks audience to share their thoughts and feelings with regard to current events in the country. She places these thoughts and words on badges and places them in the exhibition, their symbolic presence a reminder of the voices of those who grew up in Myanmar, reflecting on what they see, Is there change? Is there hope?

 This installation piece will be on going in different countries , currently collecting words  from France colleagues  through social media and having conversation outside , asking the same question of  " How do they describe with a word to current situation in France?"...


Exhibited@ Charlie Dutton gallery, London, UK/EU Residence & The Secretariat,  Goethe- institut, Yangon, Myanmar

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