2006 -B.A ( English)

2010 -New Media & Comtemporay Art



Work Experiences

2006 to 2008- Language and Art  Teacher, Translator

2009 to 2014- NewZero Art Space Member and co-organizer, Translator

2015 to 2016- Cultural assistant ,Translator and event-organizer, Goethe-institut ,Myanmar

Exhibitions & Festivals

2011 - NewMediaArt Festival, participated Artist & co-organizer, Lawkanat Gallery, Yangon,  Myanmar

2011 - Bring Your Own Beamer mixed media exhibition, participated Artist, NewZero art space, Yangon,  Myanma

2011 - 2nd NIPAF@Myanmar International Performance Art Exchange, participated Artist, NewZero art space, Yangon,  Myanmar

2011 - Killing Despair , Switzerland-Myanmar Performance Art Exchange, artist and collaborator , NewZero art space, Yangon, Myanmar

2012  - Gender Under Reflection SEA Women Artists Exchange, participated Artist & co-organizer, NewZero art space, Yangon, Myanmar

2012  - Southeastasia Art Exchange, participated Artist & co-organizer, NewZero art space, Yangon, Myanmar

2012  -TAMA, TupadaActionandMedia International Performance Art Festival, Invited Artist, Philippines

2013  -Festival of Independent, Invited Artist, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

2013  -MTVExit Human trafficking Awareness Public Event , Installation instructer and facilitator, Time Square Public Park, Yangon, Myanmar

2013  -Charity Art Fair for people with HIV, participated Artist & co-organizer, Kandawgyi public park, Yangon, Myanmar

2013  -IMMAF, International multi media art festival, participated Artist & co-organizer, Institute Francais, Yangon, Myanmar

2013  -Education Carnival Fair, participated Artist , Institute Francais, Yangon, Myanmar

2013  -ASIATOPIA International Performance art Festival, Invited Artist, Thailand

2014  - 17th NIPAF Asia Performance art Festival, Invited Artist, Japan

2014  - Freedom Under Construction Malaysia-Myanmar Art Exchange, participated Artist, Hom Art Trans Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014  -Attention Please! Women Performance art Event, Invited Artist, TS1 Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

2014  - Silent People or Believers Photo art Exhibition, participated Artist & curator,organizer, Newzero art space, Yangon, Myanmar

2014  -Logical Sickness Thailand-Myanmar Performance Art Exchange, participated artist and coordinator, NewZero ArtSpace, Yangon, Myanmar

2014  - Women's Forum for Peace, Invited Solo Performance artist, Excel Treasure Tower, Yangon, Myanmar

2014  - Censorship , the 7th Move on Asia Viedo Art Festival, Invited Artist, Alternative space  LOOP, Seoul, South Korea

2014  -AASN ,Mirror and Monitor of Democracy in Asia Art Exhibition, Invited artist,Sangrok Exhibition Hall,  Gwangju, South Korea

2015 - SOCA Myanmar platfoam,Performance art event, participated artist and organizer, Mitta Nyunt Collaborative Space, Yangon, Myanmar

2015 -New Urban Typologies Event, invited Artist, Port Autonomy Collaborative Space, Yangon, Myanmar

2015 - My Yangon-my Home Art Festival, invited Artist, British Club, Yangon, Myanmar

2015 - History SEA Art Exhibition, invited Artist, Goethe -institute, Yangon, Myanmar

2015 - Mind your Planet event, invited solo performance, Institute Francais, Yangon, Myanmar

2016  -Yangon Photo Festival, participated Artist, Rough Cut, Yangon, Myanmar

2016 - SOCA Myanmar platform, Persist on Radiation collaborative Performance event, participated Artist and organizer,Goethe-villa, Yangon, Myanmar

2016 -Four Women Performance Art Event, Invited Artist, Open Space, Yangon, Myanmar

2016 - Balance and Provocation Art Exhibition, Invited Artist, Fargfabriken Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 -On 9 Du rational Performance Art Event, participated Artist & Organizer, Goethe-institut, Yangon, Myanmar

2017 - Beyond Boundaries Art Exhibition, Invited Artist, American- Center, Yangon, Myanmar

Yadanar Win

Born in Yangon, Myanmar

Lives & works in Yangon, Myanmar


.Yadanar Win is a performance, video, and installation artist living in Yangon. With an early interest in international exchange, driven by her university studies in English, she joined New Zero Art Space as a collaborative member in 2009, where she remained for 5 years as an organizer, participant, and volunteer.. It was during these years when Yadanar began to experiment with performance, video, and installation. Her unique ability to seamlessly join her own body, to the document of her performance, and bring them together into an art object is reflective of her generation’s willingness to experiment with all mediums, and abandon the traditional painting and sculpture so common in the Myanmar art scene. Her performances are passionate and critical, often citing the plight of Myanmar’s peace process or personal struggles as a young, female artist. While participating in group exhibitions, she  also worked as an arts and cultural assistant at the Goethe Institut - Myanmar in Yangon for one year in 2016.

© 2017 by Yadanar Win.

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