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Photo art, Variable Sizes (5x3)’

Random Marriage alludes to the country’s transition towards democracy through a traditional marriage. In Myanmar, women can only marry by following the strict marriage laws, and cannot

choose their husbands. above and beyond this lack of respect for women’s rights, marriage is

an irreversible vow, and life long suffering can arise when certain details are omitted or it

just goes wrong. To the artist, the democratization of Myanmar is no different to the marriage

of an unprepared or careless woman. Since November 2011, when the administrative

authority was devolved, the government of Myanmar has rapidly moved to a form of

democracy. However, internally, a number of issues remain unsolved. Like the man in the

work with a mask holding a gun, the current president of the military clique has only changed

his uniform, his cover: the generals of the clique who hold power are behind his back.

Although censorship has been relaxed and the press is open to the public, deception still

exists; citizens who lack knowledge about the constitution and democracy resemble the

bride, without proper wedding accessories, inevitably accepting the situation. The look of the

young bride, married in a hurry without any preparation overlaps with the situation of

Myanmar arbitrarily embracing democracy. Nevertheless, this random marriage will exist for

a lifetime, like an indelible tattoo on skin.



Photo art, Variable Sizes

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