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Untitle,2011, Nipaf Myanmar Tour, Yangon, Myanmar 

Drain, 2012, Gender under  Reflection  SEA  exchange, Yangon,Myanmar

Untitle, 2011, B.Y.O.B event, Yangon, Myanmar

Words, 2013, ASIATOPIA  international performance art festival,

Speak, 2012, TAMA international Performance Festival, Sabalayan ,Mindoral, Phillipines

Flow, 2014,Logical Sickness  Performance  event, Yangon, Myanmar

Today poem, 2016, FourWomen Performance event, Yangon, Myanmar.

Selected works( 2011-2016)

Censorship, 2013, ASIATOPIA  international performance festival, Bangkokartand culture Center, Thailand

White Dress, 2015, NIPAF Asia performance festival, Miyazaki, Japan

Pieces  of me, 2012,IMMAF  Art Festival, Yangon,Myanmar

Inhaling, 2013, Sound Performance art Event, Yangon, Myanmar.

White Dress, 2014,Nipaf Asia Tour, Nagano, Japan


The Ladder, 2016, On 9 Durational Performance event, Yangon, MyanmarClick

Between these lines, 2014, Urban Topologies Event, Yangon, Myanmar.

Origin, 2016, Mind your Planet art Event, Yangon, Myanmar.

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